Shift life science engagement today for tomorrow’s healthcare


Build meaningful relationships with your customers and accelerate change

After witnessing years of confusion in the life sciences industry, we surveyed senior leadership representing health systems and payers about partnering with pharmaceutical companies. 

We heard:

The larger the health system gets, the more difficult it is to make decisions. You just want to get to ‘go,’ but there are so many people who weigh in, and it’s not well-defined who is the true decision-maker. Some decision-makers have no business making decisions, and it’s not always clear who says ‘yes, let’s go.’ – Chief of Innovation

Our own research indicated an optimized business structure and tools.

The result: TKG PACT.

TKG PACT is an insight-driven customer engagement platform that helps life science organizations transform how they engage with their customers. This multilayer platform leverages 25 years of insights and resources developed by The Kinetix Group in its capacity as a full-service healthcare agency.

TKG PACT is our commitment to customers to help create systematic and improved outcomes for patients, providers, payers and pharma.